Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before and After Photos

For years Jennifer Aniston denied having had a nose job and her fans would ask has she had nose reshaping cosmetic surgery . However in 2012, she decided to clarify that she has in fact had rhinoplasty surgery and that initially this was for a deviated septum (divided septum) which impacted breathing. The surgery was not satisfactory as it widened her nose which she never felt comfortable with. Years after the first procedure, she admitted to having had revision rhinoplasty (this is what nose surgery is called when it is a second nose surgery), to cosmetically reshape her nose, which pictures show her nose to be narrower in later years. No exact dates are available for when the surgeries were performed. See photos of Jennifer Aniston and assumed Before and After Pictures.

Jennifer Anston Nose Reshaping Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before After 1992-2010

Jenifer Aniston has been recognized for her beauty in many publications. In 2005 she was the first ever GQ Woman of the Year. In 2004, she was listed as number one for the Peoples magazine list for The Most Beautiful. A regular in the FHM list for 100 Sexiest Women since 1996 with highest ranking at number 27 in 2008. In 2011, Men’s Health magazine listed Jenifer as the Sexiest Woman of All Time!

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About Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping Cosmetic Surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Rhinoplasty Surgery (aka nose reshaping or  nose jobs), is one of the top five cosmetic procedures with 221,000 surgeries performed in 2013. The stats for surgical nose reshaping was even higher by 9 percent in 2012. It is speculated that increasing non surgical options to reshape the nose that provide fast results, more affordable and can be done over a lunch are the reason for the drop. Also see: What is Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping


More About Celebrity Nose Jobs

Photos of Celebrity Nose Jobs Like Jennifer’s and other stars are in demand. Fans and the public are eager to see their idols how they look and want the inside scoop to figure out how they got to look they way they do.  For the many persons considering getting rhinoplasty surgery, magazines and online media about best celebrity nose jobs and seeing their before and after pictures are of great interest. Similar to getting a hair cut, you collect all the photos capturing the look that you like best and then take them to your stylist which in the case of nose styling is a Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon to consult what would be possible, flattering and most natural looking nose job.

Other stars who noses are suspect of undergoing cosmetic surgery include: Blake Lively, Ashley Simpson, Fergie, Christy Turlington, Halle Berry, Keri Hilson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Scarlett Johansson, Luara Bell Bundy, Angelina Jolie, Naya Rivera, Jennifer Lopez, Anushka Sharma and many more which may get a dedicated post in future posts.

Country Total Surgical Procedures % of total surgical procedures Ranking
in 2010
U.S. 1,094,146 17.2% 1 * * * * *
Brazil 905,124 14.2% 2 * * * * *
China 415,140 6.5% 3 * * * * *
Japan 372,773 5.9% 4 * * * *
Mexico 299,835 4.7% 5 * * *
Italy 316,470 5.0% 6 * *
South Korea 258,350 4.1% 7 *
India* 191,439 3.0% 8 India’s estimated number of plastic surgeons was provided by their National Society for this year’s study. Their provided count of 955 is materially different than the 2,000 plastic surgeons that were estimated for this study in prior years.
France 207,049 3.2% 9
Germany 187,193 2.9% 10
Colombia 211,879 3.3% 11
Spain 125,103 2.0% 12
Turkey 104,767 1.6% 13
Russia 104,223 1.6% 14
Canada 81,893 1.3% 15
United Kingdom 95,063 1.5% 16
Taiwan 72,909 1.1% 17
Greece 60,329 0.9% 18
Venezuela 81,158 1.3% 19
Thailand 55,642 0.9% 20
Argentina 73,706 1.2% 21
Saudi Arabia 46,962 0.7% 22
Australia 40,427 0.6% 23
Netherlands 46,343 0.7% 24
Romania 43,258 0.7% 25


* Indicates: Countries in the Top 5 for Performing Most Popular Surgical Procedures: Lipoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Blephasroplasty, Abdominalplasty, Rhinoplasty. More here:

Finding the top cosmetic surgeon is best done by comparing portfolios, reviews, qualifications and in person interviews.  Regardless cosmetic surgery procedure, it is important to do your homework so that persons are mentally and emotionally prepared for the operation experience, the recovery process and has realistic expectations. Also see: online resource to find best rhinoplasty surgeons


Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures Stats 2013

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) data  states there was 15.1 million cosmetic procedures performed in the USA for 2013. Data represents both minimally invasive and surgically invasive types of procedures. Since 2012, cosmetic procedures went up 3 percent and reconstructive type procedures went up 2 percent. The ASPS speculates that new technology and new products are a contributing factor to the growth trend. The ASPS points to 2013 FDA approved products and devices such as new silicone gel implants (form-stable), and hyaluronic acid used for filling in lost volume of aging faces.


Top Five Cosmetic Surgical Procedures for Men and Women Combined listed in order.

  1. Breast Augmentation (aka boob jobs) – 290,224
    Up 37 percent since 2000. Silicone is preferred for its more natural look and feel and represents 72% with saline only 28 percent. Note breast lift surgeries  gaining popularity with 70 percent more procedures done than in the year 2000 and tallying more than 90,000 procedures in 2013.
  2. Rhinoplasty Surgery (aka cosmetic nose jobs or nose reshaping) – 221,053
  3. Eyelid Surgery (ex: blepharoplasty, asian double eyelid surgery )
  4. Liposuction (ex: remove fat and make skin smooth such as stomach, butt, hips and thighs – not including laser alternative smartlipo)- 199,817
  5. Facelift (aka rhyidectomy, minifacelift or s-lift, deep plane facelift, smas facelift, may include: cheeklift, threadlift..) – 133,320

Top Five Cosmetic Minimally Invasive Procedures (no surgery) used by Men and Women combined listed in order.

  1. Botulinum Toxin Type A  (aka Botox®)- 6.3 million
  2. Soft Tissue Fillers  (injectables like:Hyaluronic acid,  Selphyl®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, Juvéderm®, Sculptra®) – 2.2 million
  3. Chemical Peels  (ex: Jessners, Kojic, TCA and Salicylic) – 1.2 millions
  4. Laser Hair Removal (ex: Coolglide, LightSheer and Duet laser systems) – 1.1 million
  5. Microdermabrasion (ex: diamond dermabrasion wand and suction tools)- 970,343

Top Five Reconstructive Procedures for Men and Women, listed in order.

  1. Tumor Removal (ex: skin cancer / removing cancerous lesions)- 4.4 million
  2. Laceration Repair (ex: cleaning, repairing, trimming tissues and suturing)- 254,000
  3. Maxillofacial Surgery (treating deformity, diseases or trauma injury involving face, neck or head) – 199,000
  4. Scare Revision (ex: procedures to minimize the appearance of scarred tissues) – 177,000
  5. Hand Surgery (ex: treat issues that are disease based or pain based, goal to restore and correct) – 131,000

View 2013 Plastic Surgery Report

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Capital of the World..

South Korea seems to be obsessed with plastic surgery to the point it is referred to as the plastic surgery capital of the world. Seoul is called a mecca for those seeking plastic surgery. In 2014, over 7.5 million have traveled here to get cosmetic plastic surgery, most of which focuses on facial cosmetic surgeries.

Residents of South Korea see plastic surgery as normal, common and congratulate each other for doing it. In 2014, it was found that a staggering 1 in 5 Koreans has had plastic surgery. This high number can be validated when walking down the streets of Seoul, where you will see it lined with hundreds of cosmetic surgery clinics. In Seoul, surveys of people agree that it seems that you keep seeing the same people, but really what it is, is you are seeing many people with same plastic surgery all made to look the same. In recent years the South Korea beauty contest of 2012, 2013, the public found contestants to look very much the same and felt that the plastic surgeons are modeling them to all look this way, some speculate there is a common idea of what is beautiful and that the plastic surgeons are competing to master it. Seems like the surgeons are mastering at all the same level and look considering that in the 2013 Korean beauty pageant where a photo of all 20 contestants went viral and the the internet response was that it was difficult to determine if they were the same person just wearing different clothes.


All around the world, people are drawn towards South Korea for its expertise (especially that in Asian features) and its competitive pricing. Examples of patients stories, one American of Korean descent, said she had a renowned Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon do her nose job for $8,000 USD but was still not happy with it, where as this procedure in SEOUL will cost between $2,000 and $5,000 USD and anticipating they will have more skill and expertise – especially with Asian ethnic rhinoplasty.

For Asians, common cosmetic surgery procedures include:

  • creating double eyelid
  • modifying shape and angle of eyes
  • nose job (rhinoplasty)
  • narrowing of jaw
  • breast augmentation

Facial Plastic Surgery - Korean's - Before and After


Check out more Before and After Photos of Korean Plastic Surgery here

Some say the Korean Plastic Surgeons are too good and that visitors (such as those from China, and Japan) coming for plastic surgery are not able to be admitted back home because they cannot be recognized with their passport. To address this, some Korean hospitals are issuing a “plastic surgery certificate” to help make the return home and clear immigration more simple. With the certificate, customs will have validation of the cosmetic operation and less likely to need to contact hospitals for proof.

S Korean Platic Surgeons too Good

Critics of cosmetic plastic surgery, often say people would do better to put more focus on learning to love themselves and their uniqueness rather than go under the knife and try to fit some idea of beauty. When we looking at personal stories of those that have undergone this process, we often see they regret it right after the surgery and they are in a lot of pain, but when the swelling goes down and the results they wished for show, they usually feel it was worth it. Cosmetic surgery can do amazing life change and beautiful things for people cosmetically, functionally and medically. However every surgery comes with risks that something can go wrong or not as planned. Certainly there are enough pictures and videos of plastic surgery gone bad. Additionally anesthesia can be a problem for some and repeatedly going under the knife with it, may be associated with increased likelihood of brain degenerative diseases – according to some studies. Also there is always the risk of complication during the surgery and or after the surgery when the body is to heal. The quest for beauty has been around forever, is plastic surgery any different. Not likely. Consider, binding of feet, or body piercings, and high heels, perhaps a little odd of us humans, but what we still do it because ultimately we feel its worth it.